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Baristas of Axum: Jonathan

It only takes meeting him one time to see why Master Barista Jonathan has a legitimate fan club around Axum Coffee Company and all of our locations! Some words used to describe him by our customers and team are heart, love, authenticity, care, humor and people – Jonathan is about people. He has an innate ability to make every customer and team member feel that they belong and are important, every single day. Kindness and goodness radiate from him, and we all want to be a little more like Jonathan!

Jonathan has served at several of our locations and is well-known by many of our customers around Central Florida. He is currently at our Winter Garden location. In addition to being an incredibly talented barista and phenomenal human being, he is also a talented writer of science fiction!

Read on for a little glimpse of Jonathan if you haven’t met him yet, but we suggest (and we can’t stress this enough) you meet him in person as soon as you can!

What is a fun fact about yourself that many people may not know?

Most people do not know that I have lived in five states and two different countries before I turned 16! I was born in Birmingham, AL, and I have also lived in Georgia, Mississippi, New Jersey, the island of Jamaica, and now Florida. 

What music is on repeat right now?

I’ve been really feeling alternative R&B these days. Catch me listening to Cleo Sol, Jenevieve, VanJess, and Kyle Dion during any car ride.

Why Axum?

I’ve loved coffee since I was an adolescent, but it was at Axum Coffee that I developed a passion for it. Thankfully, soon after visiting the main location in Winter Garden, I was offered a position and I haven’t looked back since. 

What is your favorite coffee drink?

My co-workers and many of my customers will tell you that I am notorious about offering the honey lavender latte. No matter how many times I drink it, I never tire of it. And so far, neither do any of my regulars!

Who would you most like to sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee with at Axum?

I’d love to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with Chiyanne, one of my best friends. The last time I saw her was when I visited her in Philadelphia last year for my birthday. We spent so much time visiting some of the best coffee shops in the city, and I think it is long overdue for her to enjoy Winter Garden’s finest! 

What has been your favorite Axum memory so far, and why?

As much as I love working at the shop, nothing beats gathering with my co-workers after a long day brewing coffee and walking next door to enjoy drinks and good conversation. My favorite outing was for the birthday of Kaycie, one of my fellow baristas and also one of the best latte artists that I know. Being surrounded by so many of my coworkers and other friends in a non-work environment where we could be loud and have fun was one of the best times I have had since working for Axum.

What are you passionate about?

Another thing that many people do not know about me is that I am a writer of science fiction and fantasy. I am very passionate about the genre, and at any given time, you can catch me reading my favorite authors in public or sitting with my laptop open as I hammer away at my latest project, sometimes doing both at the same time. Nerds of Winter Garden, I see you!

Leave us with your favorite quote right now?

Since I just admitted my love of all things nerdy in the previous question, I will leave a quote from one of my favorite books that has helped me through so many of the trials of life: 

“Somehow, we’ll find it. The balance between whom we wish to be and whom we need to be. But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are.”

We love who you are, Jonathan! Thank you for being the heart of Axum and for the gift of working with you every day!

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