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Baristas of Axum: Lisa Bui

When Lisa first came to us at Axum Coffee, she had no previous barista experience, but her passion was immediately felt. We knew very quickly she should be a part of our Axum family, and as you read her responses to our questions you’ll see why. Lisa is an invaluable part of our team and we now can’t imagine Axum without her!

What is your favorite part about being a Barista?

Being on the espresso bar: mixology, latte art, and having the opportunity to be creative with testing out different recipes. It’s a synonym for dancing through a lo-fi song, quite rhythmic and aesthetically pleasing.

What is something unique about you that many people wouldn’t know or wouldn’t guess?

I have published a bilingual book before in Vietnam and still blog to this day about relationships, races, family, faith and lots of other life topics.

Why Axum? 

Fate and Good Timing. I’ve always dreamed of having a coffee shop one day and applied for barista positions before but never got accepted, to which I resorted to other jobs. However, after I quit my last job back in November 2020, my friend encouraged me to give it another try and apply for a barista position since it’s my passion to be working in the coffee industry. And this time, I was able to take the first steps that took me a little closer to my dream – all thanks to Axum for making it happen. 

What music is on repeat right now?

Before I Go by Guy Sebastian

What is your favorite drink to create? What is your favorite coffee drink to have for yourself?

Any hot drink where I get to steam milk or cold drink that has whipped cream on top, mainly because I love the presentation of latte art in a hot drink and the whipped cream with drizzles on a cold one. My favorite drink coffee drink is Ca Phe Sua Da – iced Vietnamese coffee brewed with the “phin” and mixed with sweetened condensed milk.

What has been your favorite Axum memory so far, and why?

April 11, 2021. It was the Sunday night of my bar evaluation. While waiting for my turn to go on the espresso station, I happened to look at the AXUM signage at the front of the shop and I remembered thinking to myself how it seemed so estranged the first time I walked into the shop for my interview and how – at that exact time and space – was my new home. I’ve moved around so much but never entirely felt belonged anywhere until I came to Axum. I came on to the team with so much fear but have grown since with their ceaseless guidance, nurture, and support… My romantic soul felt like it was a love story, not exactly a love-at-first-sight narrative but surely a slow-burned one for me!

Any other passions outside of coffee?

Yes! Blogging, Painting, and Salsa.

Leave us with your current favorite quote.

“Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final”

― Rainer Maria Rilke

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