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February Goodness Partner: Jobs Partnership

We are so excited to partner with Jobs Partnership for the month of February and brew goodness together!

Headquartered right here in Orlando, Florida, Jobs Partnership aims to transform the lives of people are are economically trapped by equipping them to discover and pursue the job they were created for. The organization’s work has proven that a good job not only restores dignity and purpose to the person employed, but it benefits the community by diminishing poverty, crime and countless other eroding effects. The Jobs Partnership’s vision is to strengthen whole communities for generations.

“Nearly half of all households in our communities are struggling on a daily basis to provide food, rent, childcare and transportation for themselves and their families. About two-thirds are the economically trapped, and may be working at one or more low-paying jobs that don’t pay nearly enough to cover the basics. Many of these men and women qualify for public assistance, but even this isn’t enough to close the gap between their income and their bills. A lack in communication and interpersonal skills, secondary education or vocational training and a very limited social network leaves many with an outlook of hopelessness. The effects of unemployment and underemployment hinders progress, erodes families, and imperils future generations. It affects our entire community, now and in the future. For more information please refer to the 2018 ALICE Report ” (Quoted from Jobs Partnership website, The Problem and Why It Matters)

The Jobs Partnership is able to offer LifeWorks Training, Career Pathways, Community Resource Fairs, Career Fairs, the Job Connection website, educational opportunities, mentorship and other programs and resources, thanks to their valuable partnerships with Churches, Volunteers, Employers, Community Organizations and their generous Financial Supporters in the Florida Community.

Ways you can help us brew goodness for Jobs Partnership and LiveWorks students in February!

  • Add a donation to your order
  • Purchase succulents from Live Trends display or off tables
  • Purchase Axum’s February Giving Blend
  • Volunteer as a one-time class teacher for LifeWorks as our month-long Axum Serve opportunity
  • Purchase a specialty Valentine’s coffee beverage during Valentine’s weekend!

We are thrilled to be introducing Jobs Partnership and the LifeWorks program to our Axum Community and look forward to how much of a difference we can make for their students together with you!

To learn more about Jobs Partnership, student success stories and lots of other information, visit

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