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Made with 100% Arabica beans, this medium roast from Ethiopia is a whole bean coffee which has a wonderful aroma of blueberries.

Sidamo has climatic conditions, including altitude, rainfall, and temperature that create a wonderful environment for quality coffee. Specialty coffees from Sidamo are grown mainly in small villages (kebeles). These kebeles refer to the coffee as “garden coffee” which is grown at low density, only around 1000 to 1800 trees per hectare, and is fertilized with organic matter.  Ripe coffees arrive at the Shefina washing station where they are pulped and allowed to ferment. The fermented coffee is washed with running water, soaked, and then dried. This lot from Shefina washing station is Rainforest Alliance, Organic and UTZ certified.

Traditional growing techniques by farmers help to create a full-bodied cup with floral aromas. The process of washing produces an elegant acidity that is well-balanced and tea-like.  Due to its natural fruity flavor, pairing Sidama coffee with a fruit pastry or pie, such as a peach cobbler, makes for a delicious coffee break.

This coffee is roasted at the popular Plant Street Market in Winter Garden and it is one part of the blend we utilize in our drip coffee in our cafes.




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