Brew goodness together with Axum by becoming a wholesale partner to serve unique, local, competitively-priced beans and brews for your own community that funds our mission of bringing hope to hard places!

Make a difference

Just by being open for business daily, Axum invests back into philanthropic causes, both locally and globally, by choosing mission and community companies and non-profits to source our goods and products from. In addition, we give a significant portion of our net profit directly to our charitable partners and initiatives. We are a for-purpose company offering transparency and collaboration. You can read more about your impact as a wholesale customer, see our current initiatives and charitable partners, and read Axum Mission stories here

Support employees locally

Axum Roastery is in the heart of Winter Garden, Florida. Axum employs over thirty people who directly benefit from local small business patronage support and has a loyal, ever-growing customer base. Our roasters and baristas are knowledgeable, innovative, and care deeply not only about coffee but about each other and our far-reaching community.

Support coffee farmers abroad

Axum Roastery and the company as a whole are passionate about the support of coffee farmers and the sourcing traceability of our beans. After a great deal of research, we chose our bulk bean supplier based off of their proven ethics, treatment of and fairness to farmers, and the traceability of their beans. Additionally, we always feature a selection of Direct Trade beans we have sourced through a direct relationship with a coffee farmer.

Serve unique, quality human-roasted coffee

Our head roaster and apprentices carefully select each bean we import for potential character, interesting notes, and body. The team then creates its roasting profile through Axum’s roasting and cupping program based on the bean’s sourcing information, including region, farm, altitude, rainfall, etc. Our head roaster and cupper then perform several rounds of cupping to ensure quality, further identify notes, and make adjustments. Only then do we batch roast the beans and make the beans available to brew and serve in our coffee houses or for at-home brewing purchase.

Receive competitive pricing

In addition to our passion for making a difference through specialty coffee, we are committed to ensuring our coffee is priced in such a way that our wholesale partners are able to serve it and bring Axum into their story.

Ready to serve or sell difference-making coffee and become part of the story?

Email hello@axumcoffee.com for offerings, pricing, and to see if Axum would be a good fit!