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Star Wars Days at Axum Coffee

Axum Coffee is transforming into a galaxy far far away for Star Wars Days!

Exclusive one-day only menus with Star Wars beverages, treats, decor and an immersive experience! Bring a friend to take your photos, because there will be plenty of instagrammable spots for you!

You will also have the chance to give back to our Lightsabers of Service community partners through purchasing their designated color kyber crystals to put into their light saber and help fill it up for them!

🟦 Winter Garden Police Department
🟪 Tildenville Elementary
🟥 Winter Garden Fire Department
🟩 Winter Garden Community Garden

5/4 May the 4th… Be with you!

Encounter all the characters and sets you know and love with some surprises thrown in! Today is about Jedi’s, a new hope, and the Force.


A cinnamon bun latte with Leia’s signature mini space buns, topped with chocolate whipped cream! Available hot as well.


An Axum Star Wars Days favorite mint chip frozen treat with chocolate whipped cream.


An iced tangerine orange chai latte with whipped cream. Try it dirty with a shot of cold brew added!


A honey mango lemonade glowing with your choice of light saber color! Wait until you see it under our black lights.

5/5: Revenge of the 5th

Axum will be taken over by the Sith! New characters to meet and changes in our sets as the Dark Side has invaded our coffee shop.


A brown sugar boba cold brew latte that is out of this world! Boba collaboration with Winter Garden’s Love At First Sip.


An Axum Star Wars Day favorite charcoal mocha frozen treat complete with charcoal whipped cream.


A refreshing tropical mocktail that you’ll love so much you’ll drink it faster than the Falcon did the Kessel run.


A cold brew cola topped with vanilla sweet cream cold foam that will be an instant favorite!

We can’t wait for you to experience Star Wars Days at Axum Coffee! We hope to see you on May the 4th and Revenge of the 5th so you can try all of our beverages before they re-enter hyperspace and are gone again!

Answers to FAQ’s

– There will be a walk-up ✨Hyper Speed✨ window on the alley-side of our store serving a limited menu for those who want regular coffee, cold brew, etc and are not interested in going through the Star Wars experience inside the store.
– There will be no indoor seating on Axum Coffee Star Wars Days.
– Social distancing and masks will be required while inside our store in compliance with the Downtown WG mandates.
– Number of guests inside the store will be managed for appropriate social distancing.

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